If you want to build a room, whether as a haven, business, or something else, it's easy to get started. Simply send in a +request to staff, and we'll set you up with something in the Build Zone. This room is just off the Out of Character Lobby, and you can easily get to it by typing "+ooc" and then "bz".

Building GuidelinesEdit

  • Room descriptions should start with a tab (%t) and end with a carriage return (%r).
  • Please make descriptions at least fifty words. This isn't much; we just want something more detailed than "This is a large red room with fancy furnishings" or whatever.
  • Make sure there's a space between the exit name and the exit alias. So, instead of Door<D>, write Door <D> with a space. Please tell staff if you spot an exit on grid that doesn't conform.
  • Your exits should all have a @succ, @osucc, and @odrop. If you want them to be lockable, add a @fail and @ofail as well.
  • Descriptions on exits are nice, but not mandatory.
  • A note on basements: yes, everybody wants a creepy basement. However, in South Florida, underground basements are really rare. If you don't have Resources 4 or a Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Reason, you ain't getting no basement.