The Traitor Bishop
IC Information
Full Name: Serena du Leoncre
Gender: Female
Age: 300+, mid-30s
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Generation: 7th
Pack: N/A
Pack Position: N/A
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Nature: Sadist
Demeanor: Conniver
OOC Information
Theme Song: N/A
Quote: "What, little old me?"
Status: Diablerized

Serena du Leoncre was the second Bishop appointed in Miami after the war against the Setites. She immediately established herself in the Park West entertainment district, making no secret of her haven in a popular dance club called "Scandaleux." With a strong focus on establishing her prominence in the city, she battled to bring the Palla Grande in 2013.

During her short tenure, the Lasombra Elder caused strong reactions among local Cainites. She was the first to appoint templars in her service and quarreled openly with other packs. A faction polarized against her in response to her heavy handed favouritism. Subtler Cainites were less than pleased to see the Keeper flagrantly moving among the crowds of Miami with limited to no protection to conceal obviously supernatural elements of her nature. During the Palla Grande, she exulted in Miami's glory and importance, hosting the grand balls at her club. The decision would come back to haunt her.

Her political downfall openly started when she blood-bonded a Malkavian, Yesenia, into her service. This action by an Elder smacked of the very events that caused the Anarch Revolt. Loyalists like Maris called for a tribunal. Politics thwarted any attempt for a resolution until Yesenia called for a monomancy against Serena.

Then one dusk, Serena failed to rise. Immediate investigation found ashes in her publicly known haven. Seers searched far and wide for proof of her death. A flurry of activity that followed revealed the depths of her ambition and perfidy. The Bishop prepared and sent regular encrypted reports to Sascha Vykos, monitoring the movements and activities of prominent Sabbat in the city. Inquisitors used these documents to unquestionably link the Bishop to infernal activity entering the city on her watch. One of the largest cells was located a stone's throw from Scandaleux.

The property was razed to the ground and purchased by offshore developers. Serena's name is now associated with her treachery among the Sword of Caine, damned by her overreaching ambition.