Faith plays a vital function in the nightly existence of the Sabbat. Collectively, the Sabbat adheres with fanatic loyalty to Noddist doctrine that holds the children of Caine superior to mortals. Stories beaten, quite literally, into fledglings stress the danger posed by the Antediluvians and the holy war launched by the sect to preserve their liberty. The faithful gather to hear scripture and sermons from pack priests, who enforce their interpretations of the gospels according to the Dark Father.

This core of zealotry allowed the Sabbat to survive multiple attempts at purges in the Jyhad, and empowers them into the Final Nights. Cainites police one another for signs of heresy and weakening faith. An instructive lesson, complete with fire and blood, is always waiting around the corner.

From its 16th century foundations, the sect structures itself after the Roman Catholic Church in a perverse inversion of holy values and ideals. The internal hierarchy borrows titles from the clergy. Rituals were originally modeled after the various Catholic rites, suitably corrupted to serve a fresh purpose. However, Sabbat orthodoxy does not follow a single linear route. Some vampires practice a variation on the Path of Humanity, and these competing Paths of Enlightenment provide very different interpretations for how a Cainite should act and think. Despite what some hardline priests say, there is no one correct answer unless the Dark Father shows up to tell the Sword so.