The Black HandEdit

The Sabbat holds a faction called the Black Hand, a secret group of well-trained vampires called upon by the sect to perform dirty deeds. Some call them little better than thugs, others assassins. They do not play nicely with the Sabbat Inquisition.

You can purchase 1 point of Black Hand membership in CharGen. You will need to do so knowing that we do not typically focus on the Black Hand in our storylines.

True Black HandEdit

The True Black Hand (alternately: the Tal'mahe'Ra, the Manus Nigrum) does not exist within our game world. Literally, the sect was obliterated with a nuclear weapon in the World of Darkness canon during Operation Ragnarok and the destruction of the Ravnos Antediluvian. Sorry, but you can not play Old Clan Tzimisce, Nagaraja, or True Brujah because they would be autarkis with a fine disregard for participating in much of anything. True Black Hand cannot be played as characters and they will never feature in plots.

The InquisitionEdit

The Sabbat Inquisition enforces the traditions and internal orthodoxy of the Sabbat. They operate outside the usual structure of Cainite life, independent of archbishops and packs. Dreaded and feared, the Inquisition targets enemies of the sect. In particular, they purge infernalists with great violence. Heretics, such as those who deny Caine and Noddist theology or Camarilla sympathizers, also fall under their blades and swords.

The Inquisition is not open for player characters.