"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."
- Bishop Caezar Agustin

At the heart of the Sabbat's organization is the pack.  A group of Cainites bound together by Vinculum, the pack is part replacement family, part combat unit, part political faction, part fraternity, and part religious cult. The pack is one of the Sabbat's defining institutions, the basic building block of the sect's organization, one of the keys to the Sabbat's operational effectiveness, and, together with the vinculum, the core of the Sabbat's internal cohesion (limited as it is). While the Code of Milan does not mandate that every member of the Sword of Caine must be a member of a pack, packs are so integral to the Sabbat that Cainites without a pack are often viewed with distrust and suspicion by their sectmates.

Sabbat Packs In And Around Miami Edit

The packs of Miami are a varied lot. Some of them have more of a mystical or philosophical bent, others a focus on providing a specific service to the Sword of Caine, and others simply seem to be the executive leadership of a mortal criminal syndicate. Some claim territory, some claim a mortal institution, and others claim nothing at all.

Known local packs are as follows:

Pack Name Ductus Priest Territory
Praetorians Caezar Kit Little Havana
Samizdat Antanas Luz Allapattah
Brotherhood of Amaranth Jacques N/A Overtown
Ordo Excelsium Edgar Barbara Design District
Paricia's Elect Guzman Medusa - Available PC North Little Havana

Defunct Packs Edit

Packs That Have Visited Miami Edit

OOC Requirements for Pack Formation Edit

In order to be considered active and not defunct, a pack must consist of at least 3 active PCs who are all True Sabbat, have selected a PC to be the Ductus, and a PC to be the pack's Priest (the Ductus and the Priest can be the same person), and a pack name.