At the heart of the Sabbat's organization is the pack.  A group of Cainites bound together by Vinculum, the pack is part replacement family, part combat unit, part political faction, part fraternity, and part religious cult. The pack is one of the Sabbat's defining institutions, the basic building block of the sect's organization, one of the keys to the Sabbat's operational effectiveness, and, together with the viniculum, the core of the Sabbat's internal cohesion (limited as it is).   While the Code of Milan does not mandate that every member of the Sword of Caine must be a member of a pack, packs are so integral to the Sabbat that Cainites without a pack are often viewed with distrust and suspicion by their sectmates.

The Packless Problem in MiamiEdit

At present, there are a large number of packless Sabbat in Miami.

Miami has always had a relatively high number of packless compared to other Sabbat cities, due to its tendency to drawing transients from across the country.  However, a very significant percentage of the local members of the Sword of Caine seem to be without a pack at present, a fact which both local Bishops, Caezar and Antanas, have noted with concern.  Some of the current packless were previously members of packs that have been wiped out or have become defunct, while others have simply moved to Miami from other cities, and have not yet joined a new pack.

In the recent past, Miami's leadership has tried numerous tactics to encourage, or force, packless Cainites to join or form existing packs, but nothing has seemed to stick, or solve the problem.  Nonetheless, some local packs that formed from such recent efforts are still around and active.

Comments From Prominent Cainites on Miami's Packless Problem Edit

A Message From Elena de Fraxinet, Inquisitor: Edit

Packless vampires, take note.

The state of being without a pack in the Sabbat is troubling and worrisome to your packed peers. They worry about you, Cainite. They wonder about your commitment. They question your loyalty. Cainites without a pack stand on shaky ground, and are not a desirable state. The packs make the Sword of Caine strong. The packs are our foundation.

In the next two weeks, packless vampires might want to look into forming alliances with others. I will be canvassing the Bishops and the Ducti of the packs looking for the Cainites who haven't committed. You taking initiative is much better, I assure you, than being on the receiving end of my questions.

Hugs and burning magnesium torches,
Elena de Fraxinet
Your local Inquisitor

Packless Cainites in Miami Edit

Members of the Sword of Caine in Miami currently thought to be packless include, but are not limited to: