A Recent Photograph of Martin
IC Information
Full Name: Martin Bohun
Gender: Male
Age: old
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Lasombra
Pack: Seat of Virtue
Pack Position: Ductus
Height: 5'10
Weight: 185
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nature: Judge
Demeanor: Judge
OOC Information
Theme Song: Beethoven's 3rd Symphony
Quote: "Would you like some bread? I baked it myself." - Martin
Status: Active

History Edit

After a long history in various North American cities, Martin arrived in Miami with the Praetorians to set up shop in a town that was nicer than Newark. It's his stated aim to ensure that the city, or at least his corner of it, doesn't become a shithole.

He is older than most, Sabbat, and it shows. Martin tends to have an archaic worldview and generally behaves in a genteel manner. He always dresses well, even when it is inappropriate for the area, although the clothes aren't anachronistic. Unlike most Sabbat, he prefers Ghouls to Revenants in his personal retinue.

Generally he can be found in more upscale establishments like Del Puro rather than the latest new fangled loud music club.

Martin is a teacher of Paths of Enlightenment, and has successfully brought vampires onto the Path of Honorable Accord. He may be able to teach some of that path's more ancient variants, as well.

Recent Events Edit

Martin has proven himself to be skilled at the Sabbat's Machiavellian politics. He's been rumored to be involved in all sorts of devious activities, including the disappearance of former Bishop Serena du Leoncre, but nothing has ever been proven. An enthusiastic participant in the Sabbat's ritae, he is noted for having won the prize of various Games of Instinct and at least one War Party.

He is always happy - or at least willing - to help shore up the city's defenses and proactively deal with outside threats.

Future Plans Edit

Having declined, for the moment, to attempt to claim a Bishop rank for himself, Martin is presently more interested in building up the Sabbat's infrastructure in Miami. He has an odd plan he refers to as the 'Blood Farm' and is looking for a variety of assistance with creating and maintaining it.

The Seat of VirtueEdit

The Bishops observed that there were too many fledglings and un-packed vampires running about, so they scraped the bottom of the barrel and gave it to Martin to lead in a sink or swim fashion. Martin was given a pile of dregs- a pair of fleldglings and a barely coherent 'Ventrue' and asked to whip them into a pack. He named the proto-pack the Seat of Virtue. As both Ductus and Priest, he aims to guide his new packmates into actually being able to survive the interesting times that the Sabbat enjoys subjecting it's members to.

The Seat of Virtue's small numbers make Martin's grand plans impossible to implement. Martin is therefore looking to recruit, either by persuasion or the embrace. This does not make the pack a failure, however - those dregs who have managed to take their eduction to heart have done very well for themselves. As to the failures, well, no one remembers them.