The Noddist
IC Information
Full Name: Jonathan "Jack" Quince
Gender: Male
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Ventrue Antitribu
Pack: None
Pack Position: N/A
Demeanor: Celebrant

Jonathan "Jack" Quince is a recent arrival in Miami. Neither particularly quiet, nor particularly outgoing he probably hasn't attracted much of your attention in a city of this size. However, if you frequent book stores (especially the smaller ones that have managed to survive the era of the corporate retail giant), libraries, or niche shops of an obscure or occult nature, you may have bumped into him.

The Noddist ScholarEdit

Jonathan "Jack" Quince is a recently arrived Ventrue Antitribu. If you ask around a bit, you'll probably learn that he's been travelling a little since the destruction of his first pack, "The Second Flood" at the hands of what Jack claims was a monster. If you poke around a little more, you'll learn that Jack was a novice priest of his pack and that he was the only survivor of the incident. If you persist, you'll probably learn that he is intersted in becoming a Noddist, a development which occurred after the death of his pack. Jack is somewhat aloof and academic at times, though he does enjoy converation about vampire lore.


Jack stands about six feet tall and looks to be around 200 - 220 lbs.; he's not particularly muscular, but he's not a stick, either. He's got a shaved head that doesn't hide the fact that he's also got male pattern baldness and he's perpetually got a bad case of five o'clock shadow. His dark facial hair contrasts sharply with his somewhat pale skin. He looks to be in his early- to mid- thirties. Dark circles frame dark brown eyes, as if he is in desperate need of a few days sleep. Jack normally wears relaxed blue-jeans and blue canvas mocs (no socks), oxford collar shirts with the top two buttons perpetually unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up to just below the elbow. When the weather demands it, he wears a dark gray travel blazer.

RP HooksEdit

  • He spent a fair bit of time in New York City before it fell. Did you?
  • The man knows his way around a library.
  • Know much about the various Noddist conspiracies? He'd like to know.