Freeform Actions Edit

  • Buildings: For actions you come up with yourself, you have +(Influence level) dice for all rolls pertinent to having said action performed through the staff and faculty at newspaper presses, local TV stations, news bloggers, and members of the Associated Press.
  • People: For actions you come up with yourself, you have +(Influence level) dice for all social rolls against members of the media unless you are attempting to intimidate someone who is more influential than you are.  As a general rule (at ST discretion):
    • Influence 1: Location employee
    • Influence 2: Journalist
    • Influence 3: Investigative Journalist
    • Influence 4: Editor
    • Influence 5: Editor-in-Chief

Action Chart Edit

Media Influence Actions
Action Level Action Description Mechanic


Learn about breaking story early. +2 dice when using appropriate allies / contacts to discover appropriate information.
2 Publish small articles, or suppress small articles or reports. Roll Charisma + Intimidation; either release your article, or have one delayed 1 day per success.
2 Gain access to investigative reporting information. -2 DC to research/investigation rolls against appropriate targets.
3 Initiate news investigations or reports -- start a major investigative story. Roll Manipulation + Leadership (3 successes) to name your target.
3 Get a news TV crew (local) to show up with satellite feed.  Still have to manipulate them into reporting what you want them to report.
3 Supress local articles or reports, delaying their release or muddying the information contained within. Roll Charisma + Intimidation, each success delays for 1 day or adds 1 piece of false information.
4 Slander somebody through tabloid or 'expose' article. Roll manipulation + subterfuge at DC 7 (3 successes)
4 Run ad campaign pro bono. +1 resources to appropriate characters: max 4 to a character with Industry, Culture, or Finance Influence
4 Make somebody a minor local celebrity against their will. Force someone to get +1 to Fame (max 1 Fame), with all the benefits and penalties associated.
4 Book the free use of expensive production equipment (sound rooms, green screens, rendering farm, local news van, etc) Come to a scene prepared with the use of specialized equipment.
5 Initiate a fake story with countywide attention. Just what it says on the tin.
5 Stop one story with countywide attention. Just what it says on the tin.
5 Inject falsified content into news archives and have already-published articles yanked from in-house records Plant the appearance of a history of events; help someone get Alternate ID 4 ("professional reputation")
5 Leverage your reputation and have specialists help you with a task. Stack this with an Influence action to double its mechanical effects; minimum new DC is 4, maximium additional dice is 5.
5 Change the opinions of Editors-In-Chief, Producers, CEOs, and high-level media personalities

Instigate a promotion or demotion of an NPC or contest a player in an ST-decided roll to knock their Influence up or down by 1; failure negatively impacts your influence, botches reduce it by 2.

Force someone to get +1 to Fame (max 2 Fame), with all the benefits and penalties associated.