Freeform Actions Edit

  • Buildings: For actions you come up with yourself, you have +(Influence level) dice for all rolls pertinent to having said action performed through the staff and faculty at grade schools, trade schools, and universities.
  • People: For actions you come up with yourself, you have +(Influence level) dice for all social rolls against faculty and staff unless you are attempting to intimidate someone who is more influential than you are. "Faculty" refers to teaching positions and staff refers to non-teaching oriented positions (like a counselor). As a general rule (at ST discretion):
    • Influence 1: high school staff and faculty; community college staff
    • Influence 2: community college faculty; trade school staff
    • Influence 3: trade school faculty; undergraduate staff
    • Influence 4: undergraduate faculty; graduate level staff
    • Influence 5: graduate level faculty

Action Chart Edit

Academics Influence Actions
Action Level Action Description Mechanic
1 Obtain access to campus libraries +2 dice to appropriate research/investigation rolls
2 Access thesis papers and in-progress research -2 DC to appropriate research/investigation rolls
2 Access use of computer labs and science labs +2 dice to appropriate technology/science rolls
3 Tamper with research projects. +2 dice to rolls related to such, getting caught is still a risk
3 Skim off of the top of a department grant for study Get $1,000
3 Use school records, board meeting minutes, and submitted papers as a basis to better inform your research  -1 DC to appropriate streetwise, social, and investigation rolls performed by yourself or  contacts/allies/retainers
4 Falsify undergraduate academic records Help give someone Alternate ID: 3 (3 successes on Manipulation + Politics)
4 Book private use of labs and research facilities -2 DC to appropriate research/investigation/science/academics/technology rolls (pick only one) applicable to your friends.
4 Abuse department budgeting mistakes and leaks for personal gain Get $2,500
4 Acquire nifty research technology for personal use Get up to $10,000 worth of lab equipment or computer equipment, such as a server or a blood testing machine
5 Falsify a postgraudate degree Help get someone Alternate ID: 4
5  Shut down a research project or fire staff/faculty (NPCs) Interrupt or redirect the directly pertinent events of a scene/+job
5 Alter records (research results, curriculum, grades, degrees, payroll, etc.) without risking getting caught. Alter records without a roll: either nobody or someone else is caught doing it.
5 Put the heat on people within a department to work in your favor Double the effectiveness of the mechanics of an appropriate action: minimum DC is now 4, maximum dice advantage is +5, or all NPCs will spend Willpower for success.
5 Change the opinions of any faculty and staff within your jurisdiction Instigate a promotion or demotion of an NPC or contest a player in an appropriate contested roll to knock their Influence up or down by 1; failure impacts your influence.