The Entertainer
IC Information
Full Name: Gabriel
Gender: Male
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Tzimisce
Pack: Ordo Excelsium
Pack Position: Member
Demeanor: Scientist

Entertainer extraordinaire. A provider of worldly pleasures and owner of the entertainment club (dual gender strip joint) The "Crobar", a 20's themed nightclub in Miami Beach. Gabriel is a loyalist Sabbat member, known to provide goods and services in the entertainment and worldly pleasure industry to both mortals and Cainites alike. He is also known to have a few connections in the less than reputable community.


The person standing before you holds their body with poise and grace. Even standing still their movements feel fluid and graceful, with balance and calculated steps. The individual's skin, a dark skin denotes an African American ethnicity and the muscle structure somewhat masculine, however, the person's cheekbones and facial structure are most definately feminine as well as the height, at only about 5'7". The androgynous individual is striking nonetheless, and dresses to compliment it's classic look, with a touch of high fashion, inspired by fashion from the 20s. It wears a highly tailored pinstripe suit, old in design, but new in style, masculine on the surface, but would easily look great on a working female, even sporting a fashionable fedora. It's shirt is a black color, the threadcount high and expensive in make, with a dark red tie for a splash of color. The individual seems almost perfect, and looks forward with pale blue eyes, like frost over shallow water. Despite this, the person never seems to stay in one space to long, moving about, or tapping it's foot, checking it's watch or answering a cellular phone of the latest model.

RP HooksEdit

  • He's a member of the Zantosa family. Yes, those Zantosas, the revenants.
  • He recently joined the Ordo Excelsium pack.
  • Gotta have balls to run a nightclub in Miami Beach. Isn't that where the Anarchs are from?