The Ratcatcher
IC Information
Full Name: Frost
Gender: Male
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Malkavian Antitribu
Pack: Praetorians
Pack Position: Censor
Demeanor: Variable. See also: Malkavian.

Description Edit

Good gracious, it's a homeless person!

This ugly spawn of Caine has filthy habits even for the undead. Most noticeably, the man can't keep rats out of his mouth for more than a whole hour, it seems. Shaved rats, covered in nicotine patches.  

Sabbat Info Edit

Frost is a senior member in the current incarnation of the Praetorians pack, and he's been hounding Bishop Agustin for over a year. Frost doesn't exactly come across as the most trustworthy Sabbat vampire, or the most stable, but for the most part he has acted skillfully and honorably for the Sword.

Frost's notable exploits include: disgusting yet effective behavior during Games of Instinct, constant and unsettling tricks of Obfuscation, and the practice of an ancient form of divination known as anthropomancy. Love him or hate him, you're going to want Frost on your side, but you will have to cover the good sofas before you invite him over.

Plot Hooks Edit

  • Want a rat? He always has a rat. A rat covered in nicotine patches, honestly.
  • Frost has been poking around Miami's smattering of occult resources. Who knows what he's looking for?
  • Rumour has it he's haunted by one of his victims.