Clan: Lasombra

The Cardinal is synonymous with New York City, the fiefdom he served as archbishop over for nearly three centuries. The alliances he cultivated throughout the Second and Third Sabbat Wars sheltered him against coups and turbulence. His ascension to the rank of cardinal in 1999 marked a high water moment, and he struck twin blows in short order. The crusade to conquer the Eastern Seaboard for the Sabbat succeeded brilliantly in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. However, the Camarilla claimed New York in a violent siege. Working alongside packs from across the Americas, he slew the Ventrue Prince of New York; the Ivory Tower repulsed him, and the stain on his reputation has never quite lifted in the aftermath. Vicious gossip claimed Polonia sought allies elsewhere among demons, a claim of infernalism backed up by evidence before the Palla Grande in October 2013 completing his fall from grace. Though widely rumoured to be dead by the hand of Priscus Sascha Vykos, Cardinal Polonia defied his critics by resurfacing in Miami early in March 2014. He strode back into the jewel in the crown of the south on the heels of the Inquisition, and he means to restore order once more to Miami.
P.S. He had a bad sunburn at the time of his embrace. His vivid hue does not mean he is crabby.
P.P.S. He is very crabby.