New to Miami, Felipe seems like just another gang banger.

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IC Information
Full Name: Felipe
Gender: Male
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Brujah Antitribu
Pack: Praetorians
Pack Position: Quaestor
Demeanor: Unknown

Felipe seems to be just another gangbanger, but that's like saying Tony Soprano is just some kind of Italian or the Godfather is only a movie. He moves and shakes a heck of a lot in the underworld, centered in large part around the Wynwood area. He operates out of a sleazy strip club called Juicy Lucy's.

Felipe is a Brujah Antitribu whose last pack was destroyed by rampaging Garou. Leaving the Lupines behind, he ended up in the diocese of Caezar Agustin and soon joined up in the Praetorians. A pusher, a fixer, and a go-to man, there's very little that his reach on the street cannot get. And be sure he has the temper to match the Bishop's on every front.


A short hispanic man. He stands only around 5'7. He has a broad build, and has a fair bit of muscle mass. He has several tattoos that crawl up and down his arms, and one of a crown on the back of his neck. He wears a white wife beater shirt that is tucked into baggy jeans, along with a pistol that is visible at his back and a large bowie knife strapped to his thigh. His face is stern, his brown eyes scrutinizing.

RP HooksEdit

  • Got a gang or reason to cross paths? You could be in conflict with a budding kingpin.
  • He was seen throwing bodies off a roof and his packmate jumped soon after.
  • Need some dirty work done?