Former Ductus
IC Information
Full Name: Eugene Richardson
Gender: Male
Age: 30s
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Gangrel
Pack: Seat of Virtue
Pack Position: Former Ductus of Testudo
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Survivor
OOC Information
Theme Song:
Quote: Joviality over Arms
Status: Salesperson

Description Edit

This white man looks to be no more than 5'9" but his stature seems flawless, he is the epitome of the suave salesman. His clothing is always pressed and he is never without his Grey Fedora. He sports his dark brown hair and seems to be a very jovial individual. There is a twinkle in his eye, a pop in his step and his smile is fantastic. His cheeks seem to always be rosy, he is full of life and he has that way about him that would surely lead any to believe that he is just one of those friendly faces that anyone could get along with, a familiar looking man that could be an old friend of yours. He has traded carrying an old-fashioned looking leather briefcase for an old fox-headed metal cane and sports no jewelry on his person. He almost looks like one of those guys that stepped out of an old timey classic such as Leave it to Beaver or The Brady Bunch. His voice is full of that gentlemanly Southern Drawl type accent.

Brief History Edit

Born in Louisiana he was coddled by an overbearing mother and found no joy in his overprotected life. He found theater in his high school years and quickly out shined his peers and eventually found his smile. This natural charm was coaxed out and fueled by his Father's desire to get more out of life financially in the role of a salesman like himself. Taken on the road to learn the craft he quickly surpassed his Father's sales and in turn enjoyed the solitary life of traveling from Louisiana to Georgia over many many years. He spread his joy, his products and his seed throughout these states and eventually his misdeeds would come back to haunt him.

Now nothing can keep him down, his smile lives on forever.

Sabbat Info Edit

Formerly Ductus of the Miami pack known as Testudo, Eugene is a member of the Seat of Virtue pack led by Martin.

Eugene is also a City Templar, anointed by Bishop Caezar Agustin.