The Cur
IC Information
Full Name: Eiron
Gender: Female
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Pack: Packless
Pack Position: Dog
Demeanor: Beaten Down

Eiron was a person, once. She had dignity and care for her fellow kine, once.

But no more. Its terrible hungers have consumed any vestige of what once was.

Now she is an it, scorned by all those above it. Stripped of name, purpose, rank, and pretensions, it serves as a guard dog for Caezar Agustin.


This young woman looks to be no more than twenty if that, skin the color of sun-kissed bronze and thick braided locks hang on either side of her head. Brown eyes and thick lips and nose, she looking like she just stepped out of one of those casinos that all the 'injunz' work at. Wearing a cream-colored dress and sandals, she looks as if she should be headed to a riverboat to get to work.

RP HooksEdit

  • It's a dog.
  • Caezar Agustin walks this great black hound on occasion.
  • At a memorable occasion, the Sabbat heaped scorn, questions, and abuse upon it. It hasn't been seen in a human form since.