A Patient Wolf
IC Information
Full Name: Edgar
Gender: Male
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Unknown
Pack: Ordo Excelsium
Pack Position: Ductus
Demeanor: Bon-Vivant

Edgar is a very well known and established painter. His work has been featured in many high end locales. The media that has followed him has labeled him as a bad boy, squandering his fortunes on too many good times. New Kindred in town, his clan is not disclosed openly, but he is readily available.


An undoubtedly good looking gentleman. He wears a pair of designer jeans, artfully torn in just the right places to be fashionable, rather than worn out. A likewise less than regal looking deep V neck T-shirt is obviously an attempt to say, I don't really care what I wear, but a quick look at the tag would beg the differ. His chestnut brown hair is styled neatly atop his hair, and a pair of hipster glasses perch atop his perfectly formed nose. A clean shaven jawline and his perfectly formed cheek bones speak to his credit, despite his obvious attempts at dressing down.

RP HooksEdit

  • He frequents places of quality in the Design District.
  • His pack Ordo Excelsium recently formed.
  • Have you seen one of his paintings?