IC Information
Full Name: Clarence
Gender: Male
Age: Early Twenties
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Serpent of the Light
Generation:  ?
Pack: Brotherhood of Amaranth
Pack Position: Pimpdaddy
Height: 6'3
Weight: 225lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Nature: Competitor
Demeanor: Sociopath
OOC Information
Theme Song: [ House of Pain - Back From the Dead]
Quote: "Shit happens, bitch."
Status: Undead.


Clarence is cleanly shaven, head and face, and has apparently excellent, ebony skin. The trait jumps out almost immediately upon meeting the young man in his early twenties. Handsome would be a decent appraisal of his appearance, better than some but he's no model. He usually bears a crisp, pearly smile, always throwing the charm on thick when in social occasions.

Tonight he's dressed simply, his top is an untucked white dress shirt with a white 'wife beater' beneath. The long sleeves are rolled up to the elbow, displaying his dark tattoos that blend into his black skin. Khaki shorts cover his legs to just below the knee and his shoes are a combo of white ankle socks and bright white tennis shoes. With a few gold rings, a gold chain and two centimeter wide flesh tunnels claim his earlobes as theirs.

General Edit

A well-to-do man with a love for stylish things. Perhaps an investment banker of sorts, Clarence seems to play as hard as he works. He claims he's the one that started the 'make it rain' act at a Miami strip club and anyone that knows him might believe it. Early twenties, athletic build, expensive, stylish clothing.

Plot Hooks Edit

1. Street Crime: Gang-related things, drug trafficking and much more! Clarence is a high-level distributor/imported of quality Cocaine.

2. Ze VooDoo: While Clarence is only recently getting into this side of the world, he's interested, motivated and knows some people already involved.

3. Miami Beach Nightlife: Clarence is a man known for having a great time in the nightlife of Miami. He would also consider things like Charity Events, High-Society Parties and even Low-Society Parties