Crazy Biker Bitch
IC Information
Full Name: Charli
Gender: Female
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Toreador Antitribu
Pack: N/A
Pack Position: Priest
Demeanor: Rebel

Often seen hanging around with bikers, drug dealers and other unsavory types, word around town is that she used to be some biker's ol' lady but he died and she moved on. A strange blend best described as moderate with heavy leanings towards Loyalist idealogy. Believes Anarchs are just unproven who haven't realized they still need their creation rites. Oddly enough: She's a priest.


Long, thick, black hair swirls down in a silky cascade. The soft, raven colored mane is highlighted vibrant shades of yellow and purple with light green and blue on various tips. A small section of bangs have been left to hang above her lightly trimmed brows. Each one pierced with two silver bars as they frame her observant almond shaped eyes. Warm amber like melted honey seems to twinkle behind sooty lashes and ever present cat-eye liner. High and shapely cheeks frame a straight, thin and upturned nose perched above full and sensual lips that curve like cupid's bow coated with clear gloss. Her oval face is graceful and smooth like her flawless caramel skin. The left side of her long neck is inked in flowing 1/2" script reading 'Crazy Bitch'.

RP HooksEdit

  • She's some kind of biker.
  • This girl's got a lot of tattoos, from skulls to sylphs.
  • She's up for fucking shit up and being a monster. Got it?