Brotherhood of Amaranth
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Pack Information
Status Active
Contact Jacques
Ductus Jacques
Priest Anna
Abbott Open
Territory Overtown / Liberty City
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Pack Colors ???

The Brotherhood of Amaranth was founded on the principle that the city of Miami needs a disciplined war machine in order to continue to protect the sect against external threats. The majority of its members are skilled, experienced warriors who have served the sect faithfully through the years. Though paths and ideologies vary within the pack, their leadership is influenced by Unifier ideology and they firmly believe that it is their duty to reclaim the blood of the unenlightened in order to empower the Sabbat. There is no room for weakness and little patience for slow learners amongst the Brotherhood. Its members are sworn to protect the Sword of Caine and lead it to further conquests.


Probationary MembersEdit

Former MembersEdit


  • Creation Rites: The Brotherhood observes the creation rites to raise a vampire to True Sabbat status.
  • Fire Dance: The pack has not held a fire dance.
  • Games of Instinct: Packmembers are active participants in Games of Instinct. The Brotherhood hosts games that focus on the combat skill and martial prowess of participants, including gladiatorial fights with ghouls and pitting Sabbat against one another in melees or brawls.
  • Ignoblis Ritae: All the common ritae are acknowledged and performed by Sabbat custom, unless otherwise noted.
  • Monomancy: Monomancy is a recognized ritae among packmembers.