Pagan of the Good Times
IC Information
Full Name: Varies. Andrew, Andy, Andrea...
Gender: Male (Usually)
Age: Late Teens?
Sect: Sabbat
Clan: Tzimisce
Generation: 11th
Pack: Samizdat
Pack Position: Decoration
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Hair: Varies
Eyes: Varies
Nature: Celebrant
Demeanor: Perfectionist
OOC Information
Theme Song: Hozier - "Take Me to Church"
Quote: "I was born sick, but I love it."
Status: Sinner

"Your mother is so fat, she asked the priest for a communion donut." Edit

So far, Andy's been caught on record comparing Lasombra to those cats that walk up to you when you're on the couch and stick their butt in your face because they think it's some kind of privilege to look at their browneye.

Tzimisce, while being THE BEST CLAN, are also creepy and weird. And for some reason (Hint: Jewish) the idea of being in the same room with Doctor Totentanz makes him throw things.

He tends to conflate Ultra-Conservatives with Unifiers, and holds the adamant belief that both overlapping groups are poisoning the sect.

And don't even get him started about Anarchs.

"What's the poem going to be about when [Redacted] snaps and murders you?"
"...World's gushiest orgasm?"

Let's talk about roleplay in the Sabbat. The first impression is simplistic. Chuck a huge fistful of combat dice at all your problems, wash it down with diablerie, the end. It's boring. And completely untrue.

First of all, Sabbat vampires are often monstrous, but they're complex monsters. They have an array of interests and personal goals much the same as their Camarilla counterparts, compounded by the ties of the Vinculum and, if they've chosen one, their Path of Enlightenment. Consider the idea of romance. When a vampire on Honorable Accord falls in love, they must struggle to bring their heart's desire and their devotion to duty into balance, if it can be done at all. When a follower of the Feral Heart finds their soul mate, their lover needs to learn to cope with bloody trophies dropped at their doorstep.

Regarding society, remember that the Sabbat is an ecclesiarchy, beholden to an ecumenical body of laws that center on the Auctoritas Ritae, which all Sabbat pledge to honor during their initiations. Bishops and Archbishops do not have the absolute authority of the Prince; their authority is the ability to perform the Sabbat's Rites and enforce them--and through them, the Sabbat's society takes shape. As for diablerie, it is not verboten--but it is regulated.


Sharon Needles - Dressed to Kill

This isn't a fucking costume!
This is a way of life!

Iggy Azalea - Murda Bizness

I kill pride, I hurt feelin's
Click clack, bang bang
We in the murda bizness

Metallica - Devil's Dance

Let me free your mind, leave yourself behind
Be not afraid!

Faces of the FiendEdit