Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation Edit

The Almighty Latin Kings and Queens Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, LKN) is the largest and one of the most organized Hispanic street gangs in United States of America, with a very powerful presence in Miami, and in the Florida penal system.

Activities Edit

The primary source of the gang's income is street-level distribution of crack cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. Relatively well-organized, the gang engages in a wide variety of criminal activities to support or supplement its street-level dealing, including assault, burglary, murder, identity fraud, and money laundering.

Despite its criminal focus, the gang makes nominal efforts to portray themselves as a community organization.

Organizational Structure Edit

The Kings and Queens have a surprisingly organized structure that far exceeds that of most rival street gangs, including the Bloods and the Crips.

The gang maintains numerous "tribes" (chapters) across the United States, which follow a regional, state, and a national organization. Gang officers (Inca - President, Casique - Vice-President, Peacemaker/Enforcer, Secretary and Treasurer) are supported by a "Supreme Council" which sets rules and holds disciplinary hearings for infractions The hierarchy leads up to regional officers, and ultimately back to a "Supreme Inca", who is currently incarcerated. The heads of the criminal organization as a whole are known as the "Coronas" (crowns).

Gang Symbols Edit

The gang colors are black and gold, with black representing death and gold representing life.

Members of the Latin Kings and Queens often wear bead necklaces to show their affiliation, and rank. Members wear five black beads followed by five gold beads. Executive members wear five black beads followed by two gold beads. Enforcers or assassins wear all black beads. Lately, in other parts of the country, members of the Latin Kings and Queens are not showing their beads as openly as they once did, due to law enforcement crackdowns on membership.

Emblems and symbols of the gang include a five pointed crown, a five pointed star, a lions head wearing a crown, and a bulldog wearing a crown.

Influence Edit

The Latin Kings and Queens are one of the most powerful street gangs in the greater Miami area, if not the most powerful. Members openly show themselves in many parts of the city, and they are heavily involved in the city's drug trade.

Ties to Paricia's Elect Edit

The Sabbat pack Paricia's Elect has strong ties to the Latin Kings and Queens, and most members were a King or Queen in their mortal life before catching their sire's eye for exception merit within the gang. Many members, including the Ductus, still openly wear tattoos displaying their gang affiliation.